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Antarctic Biennale Radio Broadcasts

Listen to the interviews recorded in Antarctica during the first Antarctic Biennale expedition in March 2017.

12 interviews were recorded onboard the ship Sergey Vasilov during the Antarctic Biennale expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula in March 2017. The Antarctic Biennale was initiated and created by the Russian artist Alexander Ponomarev and curated by Nadim Samman.

During one year, starting from April 2017 through to February 2018 these 12 interviews are broadcasted for the Space Specials on Radio Orange. All broadcasts are available trough the cultural broadcasting archive.

October 2017
Antarctica – from the edge of biological possibilities  

An interview with the photographer Jean de Pomereu about Antarctic as a place for aesthetic research, early expeditions and their photography work, Antarctica as a place of interdependence tied into the earth’s systems & interdisciplinary practice.

September 2017
Come here but don’t come here – On the apartheid of humans and nature

An Antarctic conversation with Lisen Schultz, a biospherian scientist from Sweden und with the German artist Julius von Bismarck.

August 2017
45 minutes of silence & standing upside down and waving arms and legs like a tree

Swiss artist Julien Charrière, a young uprising star in the art scene and his Russian counterpart the performer Andrey Kuzkin from Moscow. They speak about each other’s and their own work and discuss the relationship between the arts and the sciences Antarctic Biennale

July 2017
This Space Special edition portraits Juliana Cerqueira Leite, a Brazilian sculptor based in New York. Cerqueira Leite was awarded the 2016 Furla Art Prize for her contribution to the 5th Moscow Young Art Biennale. She was also one of eight artists chosen to represent Brazil in the 2014 Vancouver Biennial.

Also featured in this broadcast is Antarctic Biennale Participant Shama Rahman, British singer-songwriter, sitarist, storyteller, performance artist, filmmaker and actress with her latest music album Truth to be told.

June 2017
On icebergs, on murder mysteries set on a ship traveling in the Antarctic mist and why we can still have Romantic faith in our humanistic future
Barbara Imhof in conversation with Adrian Dannatt. Adrian is a British writer who lives in Paris, travels the globe and writes about his observations from different places in the world. He has a close connection to the arts and their protagonists.

May 2017
Requiem for the antarctic coast
Interview with the American philosopher Dehlia Hannah and the Canadian artist Lou Sheppard  who were participants of the first Antarctic Biennale.

April 2017
Mobilis In Mobile
Interview with Nadim Samman, co-curator of the first Antarctic Biennale. Nadim is one of the most interesting and uprising stars in the international art curating scene.

photo credit: Barbara Imhof, 2017