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Space Station SKYLAB 5

ZOOM Kinder Museum



September 2005–March 2006


ZOOM Children’s Museum Vienna, Austria; curator, Kathrin Oder; concept, Karin Harasser;  production, Birgit Androschin

LSG team

Barbara Imhof, Waltraut Hoheneder


Vienna, Austria:  Structural engineering, Werkraum; Electrical engineer, Willi Gasser; Realization, Wolfgang Prohaska, Franz Ritzer, Axel und Michael Mollay;  Contributing Artists- Julia Bruchner, Susanne Delleske, Sylvia EckermannNikolaus Gansterer, Dominik Guggenberger, Tina Handl, Hons, Peter Kozek, Diana Levin, David Moises, Marius Schebella, Karl Seiringer, Michael Silbergasser, Peter Szely, Jasmin Trabichler;  Graphic Design, Bernhard Winkler


This interactive exhibition for children was presented at the ZOOM Kinder Museum in Vienna and targeted an audience between 6-12 years of age.  The multi-media experience of a rocket launch and occupation of the deserted space station ‘SKYLAB 5’ allows children to discover and speculate all the mysteries of space travel.

(Digital animations) combined with architectural design that could be physically explored and (informational text and illustrations) were presented and used to set up a fictional narrative for each child to experience.

After a spectacular rocket launch transports you to SKYLAB 5, one discovers the crew is missing.  Many tasks need to be accomplished to get the Skylab in working order again with the anticipation the crew will be found and returned to camp.  Energy streams need to be reactivated right away to repair the radio signals to Earth and continuation of the crew’s mission in finding alien life and building a space probe is essential.    In order to pick up work where the previous crew left off, children receive special working clothes and assimilate to the life of space researchers, taking dry showers in the vertigo generator and taking rest in the sleeping nest.



image © Bruno Stubenrauch