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LIQUIFER Systems Group Gmbh

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LIQUIFER Systems Group engages in INNOVATIVE RESEARCH AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT for space and space related habitation and technologies.

Our team is trans-disciplinary and includes a wide range of experts coming from the fields of architecture and design, robotics, systems engineering and satellite communications.  Our expertise covers human factors, habitability and exploration science.





Waltraut Hoheneder is a principal, managing director, project manager and design architect at LIQUIFER Systems Group.  She specializes in architectural design, building construction, project management, business development and interdisciplinary research.  Waltraut has completed projects with LIQUIFER working with diverse client needs and has collaborated with architects Coop Himmelb(l)au and Susanne Zottl.


Dr. Barbara Imhof is a principal, managing director, project manager and design architect at LIQUIFER Systems Group.  She earned her PhD in Architecture in 2006 with dissertation title; ‘An Architectural Approach to a Long Duration Human Space Mission; Case study: Human Mission to Mars’  and a Master’s in Space Studies from the International Space University in Strasbourg, France in 1997.  Her expertise also includes business development, systems design, human factors, interdisciplinary research, international cooperation and teaching. > more download here


Dr. Susmita Mohanty is co-founder of LIQUIFER and senior associate at LIQUIFER Systems Group, currently leading its subsidiary office in Mumbai, and CEO of Earth2Orbit.  She was co-founder and managing director at MoonFront LLC, an aerospace consultancy in San Francisco.  She has her PhD from Chalmers University of Technology in 2010 with dissertation title; ‘Integrated High-Fidelity Planetary Mission Simulators: A Toolkit for Fidelity Evaluation.’ Susmita expertise extends into business development, bid & proposal, negotiations, project management, industrial design, systems engineering, space habitats and crew system design, interdisciplinary research and international cooperation.


Stephen has his B.Sc.(Eng.) Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the University of Salford.  He joined LIQUIFER Systems group in 2005, and acts as the Senior Associate Consultant on projects and is a shareholder since 2014. Formerly Stephen has worked as a freelance aerospace consultant, SRConsultancy, Germany, and as a project leader and senior systems engineer for ERNO Raumfahrttechnik / EADS SPACE.  His expertise in the Aerospace Industry includes; advanced concept/project development, systems engineering, interdisciplinary research, degree-level student industrial training and academic tutoring and aerospace history.  He is experienced with technical/contractual study management in the space industry.


René is a long time collaborator with LIQUIFER Systems Group and became an associate in 2006.  René is also a shareholder of LIQUIFER Systems Group since 2014. His expertise includes Architecture, design/project development, systems configuration and visualization.  René  has collaborated with architects, Hillerbrand & Halbritter, Dipl.Ing.Arch. Bernard Sommer / Exikon and was researcher/teaching assistant at the Institute of Architecture and Design Department for Design and Building Construction, TU, Vienna.  Currently René also works in collaboration with Michael Wallraff architects for the design and implementation of a vocational school.  His tasks include design, detailed planned, construction drawings and 3D modeling.


Bob has a BSc in Physics and an MSc in Materials Science from the University of Leeds. He was employed by Astrium Space Transportation for over 37 years as a senior systems engineer. His expertise includes system and software engineering in the field of human spaceflight in particular integration of payloads in the European module of the International Space Station (ISS). Bob was also employed as scientific assistant in the Department of Geosciences, University of Bremen researching the global carbon cycle using remote sensing. He joined Liquifer in 2013 as an internal consultant.


Chris joined LSG in 2012, bringing over 40 years experience in European and international space activities.  Qualified in Engineering and Business Management, he was employed for 35 years at Astrium Space Transportation, involved in the fields of system engineering, project management, marketing and business strategy.  His industrial assignments included engineering, business strategy and market development activities for human spaceflight systems and facilities, and for space exploration studies. Recently Chris spent a year as a visiting scholar at the Space Policy Institute in Washington, DC, studying issues of international cooperation for space exploration.


Kaspar Vogel is a specialist in occupational health medicine and runs his own medical praxis. He is especially concerned with finding new scenarios for suitable work lives according to age. He is a specialist in Human Factors and ergonomics. Kaspar consults corporations and smaller companies on how to improve their work places.


Molly Hogle  has recently graduated from the Department of Architecture and Planning at the University at Buffalo, February, 2014 with a Master’s Degree in Architecture.  She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Arch Design from Parsons The New School for Design, New York, US. She has been awarded the Michael Kalil Endowment for Smart Design 2004. Molly Hogle has been working at LIQUIFER since 2013  supporting various projects such as FASTER, MOONWALK and FUTURE LAB.

DAMJAN MINOVSKI (regular LIQUIFER collaborator)

Damjan Minovski studied Architecture in the studio of Wolf Prix at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. He was a tutor for programming and rapid prototyping in different studios. Since his graduation in 2011 he has worked as freelance visual artist, producing architectural visualizations for renowned architecture offices like Asymptote and Coop Himmelblau. Since 2012 he is part of the architecture collaborative SeMF focusing on Mapping and Fabrication in the context of architecture. In 2013 he started working with LIQUIFER Systems Group as internal consultant for the projects SHEE and FASTER.


Dr. Norbert Frischauf is a spacecraft systems engineer and works with advanced concepts, high energy and astrophysics.  He is skilled in project management, strategic planning, networking, public outreach and press relations, all with a strong focus of Exploration activities.  Norbert has worked on scientific-technological and strategic projects with CERN, ESA/ESTEC, the European Commission, GJU/GSA, commercial enterprises and other private institutes.  He is an expert at technological forecasting and visioning processes.

DR. LUTZ RICHTER (with LIQUIFER 2010-2013)

In 2001, Lutz earned his PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the Technical University in Munich with the thesis; ‘Mobility Performance of Small Planetary Rovers.’  He joined LSG in 2010 as an associate, and specializes in project management, business development, systems design, cost estimation modeling, planetary landers & rovers, terramechanics, planetary science and international cooperation.  He formerly has worked with Utopia Consultancies and  DLR Institute of Space Systems.  Currently he is also head of business development with Kayser-Threde, Munich.


Further we would like to thank all our team members
who worked/have been working with us since 2003:

Anne-Marlene Ruede 2014 (CAAS, GrAB)
Ewa Lenart, 2013 (TMW-SPACE, space architecture)
Nina Soltani, 2013 (space architecture)
Dr. Kürsad Özdemir, 2003-2013 (HMM, FIPES, RAMA)
Kjell Herrmann, 2010 – 2011(simonaut, ISS-SLEEP-KIT)
Dr. Sandra Häuplik-Meusburger, 2003 – 2011 (HMM, FIPES, RAMA)
Anna Stürzenbecher, 2008/9 (Deployable Getaway Office and space)
Sonia Leimer, 2007 (All live differently)
Anna Balint, 2005 (model building)
Irmgard Derschmidt, 2004 (model building)
Melanie Klähn, 2005 (conversion of a flat)
Barbara Kolb, 2005 (layout, graphic design)
Paul Mayr, 2004 (ExoMars)
Georg Pamperl. 2004 (ExoMars)


Bruno Stubenrauch since 2002


Alexander Ach Schuh
Jan Schwingenschlögl
Molly Hogle (texts, editing)

PR, assistant

Emma May since 2010