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Erdöl und Erdgas


The Erdöl und Erdgas exhibition at the Technisches Museum Wien is a permanent exhibition that addresses the topic of Energy and the natural resources of oil and gas.

It explores the dependence high-tech and mobile societies have on petroleum and natural gas for the maintenance and continuation of everyday life. Fossil fuels enable transportation and generate electricity, as well as serve as the base material for plastics, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals. At the same time, these resources are controversial at a global scale; as the exhibition addresses the environmental, economic and political topics that surround these commodities.

The Middle-oil era, in which we are living, is defined by the ambiguous relationship between the Collective and Individual – in terms of both Responsibility and Dependence. The Erdöl und Erdgas exhibition reveals characteristics of this debate through probing the interactions between – Oil, Natural gas, People, Environment, and Technology, from an Austrian perspective. Four Geographical regions within Austria are zoomed into and explored to better understand where oil comes from, how it is produced, why it is an essential part of our everyday lives, and the impacts this reliance has.




Image(s) Credit: Bruno Stubenrauch

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