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ETTAS – ESA Topical Team Arts & Science

an ESA initiative since 2011

“The ESA Topical Team Arts & Science [ETTAS] was established in 2011 to develop cooperations between the arts, sciences and ESA.  Our mission is to foster and expand the human and cultural aspects of space exploration and offer a means of communication with a reach beyond traditional space-related channels.”  (ETTAS)

“The arts offer alternative insights into reality – which is explored by science in general, and broadened by the activities conducted by the European Space Agency (ESA) and other space agencies. It is the preliminary findings and consensus of the ETTAS members that establishing and sustaining a trans-disciplinary professional community consisting of ESA representatives, scientists and artists would fuel knowledge transfer, and inspiration towards mutually beneficial discovery.”  (ETTAS)

Barbara Imhof of LIQUIFER Systems Group, functions as one of five appointed co-chairs of the organization, that act to promote ETTAS iniatives.  Twenty five representative professionals participated in the 3 day inaugural workshop at the European Astronaut Centre (EAC) Colonge, Germany, June 2011, together they developed the ESA arts initiative.



Dr. Barbara Imhof, Dr. J. Michelle Kotler, Christian Waldvogel, Prof. Marko Peljhan, Dr. Sarah Jane Pell

The ESA Topical Team Arts & Science

Dr. Alexander Chouker, Dr. Alexander Martos, Alicia Framis, Dr. Barbara Imhof, Dr. Angelo Vermeulen, Anna Hill, Ayako Ono, Bradley Pitts, Claudia Dichter, Christian Waldvogel, Eva Schlegel, Dr. Jean-Pierre de Verra, Dr. J. Michelle Kotler, Dr. Kirsten Johannsen, Dr. Marco Durante, Prof. Marco Peljhan, Dr. Roger Malina, Dr. Sarah Jane Pell, Dr. Stephan Andreae, Tim Otto Roth, Dr. Tristan, Weddigen