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The name LIQUIFER was inspired by the ‘White Mars’ hypothesis put forth by Australian geologist Dr. Nick Hoffman based on the 2003 probe expedition to Mars.  Hoffman’s model suggests the presence of underground pools of CO2 on Mars called ‘liquifers’, much like the subterranean reservoirs of H2O on Earth called ‘aquifers.’

These Martian liquifers, Hoffman proposes, amass under the pressure of a surface condition acting like a seal.  When the fragile seal breaks, CO2 explosively expands creating cold, dense clouds that sweep across the planets’ surface, carrying abrasive debris with it, chiseling out the channels and gullies seen in satellite images.

Hoffman’s iconoclastic hypothesis challenges the conventional theories that propose a previously warm and wet planet; a state which at some point is necessary to maintain in order to support life forms. The dry, cold planet Hoffman’s model illustrates has not been well received by those hoping to find life on Mars, even though evidence strongly supports it.


image courtesy of NASA