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Human Hypergravity Habitat – H3

A Large Human Centrifuge for Exploitation and Exploration Research

LIQUIFER is joining the researchgroup of the Human Hypergravity Habitat – H3

Astronauts show loss of calcium from bones, suppression of immune system, reduced muscle mass, changed metabolism (indications towards obesity), reduced cardiac capacity and many other changes; as if they were ageing prematurely. Numerous animal centrifuge studies show the reverse; increased bone density, loss of fat mass or an improved immune response. This inspired the concept that a mild hyper-g environment for humans may be useful for research into countermeasures for modern-day health issues like obesity and osteoporosis, sarcopenia and other effects seen in our ageing population. This approach provides a completely novel research paradigm to explore these diseases. However, there is no facility available in the world to perform research on the effects of long-term hypergravity in humans. We envision the Human Hypergravity Habitat, H3: a large, ground based, rotating platform that can house human subjects for long durations while being exposed to moderate hypergravity. Also, a number of studies imply the use of rotating spacecraft for long duration missions like to Mars. However, very little is known about the human response of long duration rotation in large diameter systems. Rotating system with a projected diameter of 150-200 meter, would be an ideal platform to explore the applicability of such a future spacecraft.

featured image credit: ESA