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NEW project: metabolic apps for our living spaces


LIVING ARCHITECTURE – LIAR – transform our habitats from inert spaces into programmable sites  

LIAR objective is to design and build a proof-of-concept ‘LIving ARchitecture’ whose targeted breakthrough is to transform our habitats from inert spaces into programmable sites.
LIAR envisions the ‘living brick’ to become an integral component of human dwelling, capable of extracting waste-as-resources from the built environment and in turn, generating outputs such as “polished” water, fertiliser, extractable products (recoverable phosphate), oxygen, next generation biodegradable detergents, electricity, recoverable biomass, bio-fluorescence and to a certain extent, heat.

Early iterations of the ‘living brick’ will be presented at the Venice Biennale 2016 on October 14th, followed by the public symposium titled ‘Living Architecture’ organized by the LIAR consortium.

Download Press Release   LIAR Project – Living Architecture


Photo: Microbial Bio-Fuel Cells Lab at University of the West England Bristol, credit: LIQUIFER 2016