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Our Moon. Longing, Art and Science

Exhibition of project RegoLight at the Natural History Museum in Vienna
30. October 2019 – 1. June 2020

The Moon, closest neighbor and constant companion of the Earth, is not only an extremely interesting cosmic body with an exciting history, but also has a tremendous attraction for romantics, writers, and artists. The Natural History Museum Vienna takes the 50th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing as an opportunity to show the Moon and all its facets in an extensive special exhibition.

The following contemporary artists are represented (with some works being shown here for the first time):
Laurie Anderson (USA) & Hsin-Chien Huang (Taiwan), Martin Beck (Austria), James Benning (USA), Michael Benson (USA), Sabine Groschup (Austria), LIQUIFER Systems Group (Austria), Dona Jalufka (USA/Austria), Luke Jerram (UK), Robert Longo (USA), Paula Metallo (USA/Italy), Florian Raditsch (USA/Austria), and Christian Stangl (Austria).

3-D Model of a lunar base. Regolight – solar sintering of building elements for habitats with lunar regolith simulants in a vacuum chamber.

all photos: © Bruno Stubenrauch 2019