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Space News feed, OHB awarded a study for 3D printing on the moon, 15 February 2018, link
OHB is leading a team with three more partners (Comex, Liquifer, Sonaca) … feasibility and implementation effort of using Additive Layer Manufacturing in the construction, operations and maintenance of a lunar base.


Weltraumball für Space-Fans, Teresa Schaur-Wünsch, Die Presse, 26.12.2017, link

Next steps in sustaining human presence in space,  Barbara Imhof, Maria João Durão and Theodore Hall, Aerospace America, November 29, 2017, link

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Gurken für Marsianer – Antarktischer Gewächshaus-Test vor Start, APA, 10.08.2017, link

RegoLight Project Uses Sunlight Sintering to 3D Print with Simulated Lunar Regolith, 3D Printing Media Network July 21, 2017, link

1. Antarktis-Biennale: Österreichische Weltraumarchitektin im Schnee, APA, Manuel Meyer, 29.03.2017, link


Project Moonwalk press coverage see project website NEWS

‘Space 2017– Das aktuelle Raumfahrtjahrbuch mit Chronik 2016.’, ed. Eugen Reichl. Cover by René Waclavicek, interview with Barbara Imhof about SHEE, link

Diverse efforts target living in space‘ by Maria Joao Durao, Barbara Imhof, Theodore Hall, aerospaceamerica.org, December 2016, p. 65

Living Bricks” could turn sunlight and waste water into energy-generating bioreactor walls’, by Tafline Laylin, inhabitat, 10/28/2016

Üben fürs All – Österreich als kleine Analogforschungs-Großmacht‘, APA Science guest commentary, 29.09.2016

Weltraum-Gemüse aus der Antarktis – Generalprobe für All-Gewächshaus‘, APA Science Newsletter, 14. July 2016

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‘Selbstentfaltendes Weltraum-Habitat in Wien mitentwickelt’ (Self-deployable Space Habitat in Vienna, co-developed) – Article highlighting the completion of EU funded project SHEE. derStandard, 4 January 2016, 18:35 (link)


‘Thinking across boundaries’ – Interview by Margit Schwarz-Stiglbauer. Scilog with Dr. Barbara Imhof. 1 December 2015 (link)

‘How to 3D-print a habitat on Mars’ – Article by Aidan Cowley and Leo Teeney describing project ‘LavaHive,’ a Mars colony built using the planet’s own sand and dust. Room.eu, October 2015 (link)

‘From New York to Mars: NASA proclaims the winning designs of the 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge at World Maker Faire 2015’ – Article at Plugnmake  article>

‘OUR FUTURE IS CAST IN LAVA’ – Article at DesignCurial, 13 October 2015 (link)

‘Space Igloos, Lava Tubes and Hobbit Holes: Here Are Our Future Martian Habitats’ – Article at  Gizmodo by Maddie Stone, 29 September 2015  article>

‘Top 10 Mars habitats from NASA space habitat challenge’ – The Telegraph: Tech     article>

‘Deployable space habitat for a moon or Mars mission’ (Original: ‘Das Weltraumwurfzelt für eine Mond- oder Marsmission’) – Interview by Hans-Arthur Marsiske with Barbara Imhof about the self-deployable habitat SHEE. Telepolis, 27 September 2015   (link)

‘8 Printable Martian Habitat Designs That We Want to Live In’ – Article at Popular Science by Sarah Fecht, 16 September 2015  article>

‘The SPACE ELEVATOR’ –  by Katherine Houston. ‘As part of the space series, DesignCurial projects you into the future with the space elevator concept after talking with internationally acclaimed space architects Dr Barbara Imhof and Tomas Rousek.’ DesignCurial, 31 July 2015   see article

‘‘The Undivided Mind’ – Barbara Imhof at Khoj’ – Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Austrian Cultural Forum, New Delhi, India, 02/27/2015 – 03/03/2015  read

‘The Not So Blue Sky’ – Article by Vandana Kalra. ‘An exhibition at Khoj demystifies life in outer space and brings it closer to earth.’ The Indian Express, 28 February 2015  read

‘How about a trip to outer space?’ – Article in Hindustan Times, IANS, New Delhi, 26 February 2015  read


‚Die Astronauten sind selbst Teil des Experiments‘ – Interview (audio) with Barbara Imhof for Deutschlandradio Kultur program; Lauter Kleine Dinge with Martin Böttcher; October 25, 2014.


‘Made in space’ – Interview with Barbara Imhof and René Waclavicek on 3D Printing in space, by LOUISE WOLF, printed in: ‘QUER Architektur und Leben im urbanen Raum’ (‘CROSS-architecture and Life in Urban Areas’), in Austrian newspaper, ‘Der Standard!’; December 13, 2013.

‘Science Festival Vienna 2013’ – Publication about the Science Festival Vienna 2013. LSG contribution: concept and content for Future Zone and publication cover. Overall project coordination: ZIT – Die Technologieagentur der Stadt Wien GmbH. Exhibition curator, coordination and copy editing: Science Communications. 2013.

‘Mining, habitats lead space architecture work’ – Article featuring SHEE – Self-deployable Habitat for Extreme Environments by David Nixon in Aerospace America; December 2013, p. 67

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‘Space à la Suisse’ – Interview with Lanay Tierney for THE VIENNA REVIEW, May 2013, p.12.

‘Far Future Of The Living Room’ Interview with Barbara Imhof by Bruce Dorminey for Forbes TECH report; April 29, 2013.


The salon on Tuesday, 23.10.12 | 23:10, Talk,ServusTV, AT 2012 Moderation: Andrea Eckert Guests: Jean Ziegler – critic of globalization, Barbara Imhof – space architect, Julian le Play – singer

21.8.2012 – 19.45: ATV- TV documentary about LIQUIFER’s work in ATV’s LIFE MAGAZINE

20.8.2012 – 22.00: Interview of Barbara Imhof in ZIB 2 – about Copenhagen Suborbitals most recent tests of their capsule for commercial access to space

Interview with Barbara Imhof in QUER – Magazine for architecture and urban matters – relevant article in German

fFORTE – Views from Work about LIQUIFER Systems Group GmbH

Contribution to first contact A-Z of aliens landing in the probably last magazine of the world (Erster Kontakt – A-Z der Alien-Landung, Das vielleicht letzte Magazin der Welt)

PODCAST: Audio Corsogespräch : Weltraumarchitektin Barbara Imhof über Raumschiffeinrichtungen

ReTravelling on Space Ship Earth The Viennese space architect Barbara Imhof has been elected FEMtech expert of the month of March 2012. A graduate of the International Space University (ISU) in Strasbourg, France, she has been active for years in developing designs for space missions

‘The City as a spaceship,’ interview with Barbara Imhof by KARIN KRICHMAYR, 27. März 2012, 16:54 (German)

Arquitetura espacial: conheça a sua casa em Marte, OBVIOUS Magazine, publicado em arquitetura por Allia Article about Space Architecture and the work of LIQUIFER Systems Group

NAWITECH video – promoting sciences to young female students, interview with Barbara Imhof (German)

Deployable Getaway – Office – work environments – synergies between working in space and on earth interview with LIQUIFER Systems Group Waltraut Hoheneder, Kaspar Vogel and Barbara Imhof in the magazine: “Architektur”, IssueDec. 2011, p

LIQUIFER Systems Group mentioned in “Space Architecture”, an article by David A. Nixon, in the December issue of Aerospace American p.57

McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Podcast lecture Barbara Imhof: Architecture beyond the Earth’s horizon Barbara Imhof (Liquifer Systems Group, Vienna) discusses the past and future of architecture in outer space, and the challenges and opportunities of human habitation outside the Earth’s atmosphere


‘ISS-Sleep-Kit – Astronaut sleeping bag,’ interview for ‘Jet Lag All Stars Radio Show’; ORF/Ö1, 10.6.2011, 23.00 h

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‘Komfort im Großraumbüro,’ ORF 2, Wien Heute, 12.9.2010, 19.00 h

‘Ausklinken in andere Sphären,’ ARCHITEKTUR, von Karin Krichmayr, 7 September 2010

Abgeschirmt im Büro, Forschen & Entdecken, Forschungsfest: Wien. Meine Stadt

‘Dimensionen – Die Welt der Wissenschaft,’ Radio Interview: Researching Artists: New ways of Art-based Research, Conceived & produced by Ulrike Schmitzer, ORF 1, 4 May 2010, 19.06 h

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‘Im Wohnzimmer der Astronauten,’ Mario Waserfaller, APA, December 2009

‘New University of Applied Arts’ in ARCHITECTURE LIVE – ALUMNI – NETWORKS REVISITED; Magazine: Institute for Architecture, University of Applied Arts

“Ein Hoch auf die Siesta” – Deployable Getaway as a space for recreation (power napping), concentration and creativity (Ameilie Znidaric), KREATIV, Presse Am Sonntag, 9 August 2009


‘Deployable Getaway Project,’ Departure Vienna’s Creative Industries Look/Book 2008 ‘Alle Facetten des kreativen Wiens’, Editors: Dorothea Köb, Heinz Wolf Verlag: Verlag für modern Kunst Nürnberg, ISBN: 978-3-940748-94-2

‘Möbel für den gesunden Büroschlaf’ (Deployable Getaway-Office), in Forschen und Entdecken, (Research and Discovery) Nr. 03/2008, p 25


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‘Space Tourism _ Space Architecture,’ Matteo Palmisano, DOMUS 899, p15

‘Space Architecture – Architektur für den Weltraum,’ a TV documentary by Matthias Widter und Ulrike, worldwide TV broadcasts: 3 SAT, Phoenix, Deutsche Welle, BBC, Spain, Russia, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Finland, Bulgaria and Romania, Al Jazeera

Space Night – living in outer space – the future of humankind (Leben im All – Zukunft der Menschheit) In the frame of the 20-year ESA membership Austria’s the Austrian Ministry of Traffic, Innovation and Technology and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency organize a public space night. (23.10.2007) The programme of this evening includes the presentation of the well-known TV documentary “Space Architecture” by Ulrike Schmitzer and Matthias Widter (RAUM:FILM) in co-production with the ORF (including the Moonwalker project of Sandra Haeuplik, LSG). A panel discussion about “living in outer space – the future of humankind” will conclude this event. Ute Woltron will moderate the panel with ESA Astronaut Claude Nicollier, the space architects Barbara Imhof, LSG and Andreas Vogler and Rudolf Schmidt, the project leader of ESA’s Mars and Venus Express mission.

Portrait LIQUIFER Systems Group, INTO THE SPACE, PEN MAGAZINE with New Attitude, JAPAN 8/1, 2007 No.205, p.78, July 2007

Herbert Kogler, Mischa Reska, a portrait of LIQUIFER Systems Group and their work: about space architecture, configuration architecture, system architecture and system integration TVBroadcast, 28.06.2007 – 20.00 – OKTO – Q202

“Spacearchitecture” Online – TV-Broadcast Portrait LIQUIFER Systems Group (in German) including an interview with cosmonaut Franz Viehböck, Deutsche Welle, March 2007

LIQUIFER founders Barbara Imhof and Susmita Mohanty featured alongside Anousheh Ansari, an Iranian-American entrepreneur who became the first female private space tourist, in the prestigious Italian Design Magazine DOMUS. Article: “Space Tourism, Space Architecture” in DOMUS January 2007 issue no. 899


‘Befleckte Erkenntnis (Is there life on Mars?),’ in Exhibition Catalogue ‘Die Wahr/Falsch Inc. – Eine Wissenschaftsausstellung in der Stadt’, Facultas, Vienna, June 2006, ISBN-10: 3850767841, p 93

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