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Productive Aging Design Concepts





in-house research

LSG team

Waltraut Hoheneder, Barbara Imhof


This research project focuses on socially sustainable ‘productive aging’ strategies that can be utilized by the generation of ‘boomers’ (born 1946–64).  This group faces a dichotomy of increased life expectancy and personal demands for a good quality of life.   This research explores the social aspects of the transition from the traditional world of work to retirement.  Our goal is to develop social sustainable services for the ‘boomers’ and to help them find ways of orienting themselves with this matrix.

Our scenario-based design approach provides us with a tool which will help us define realistic profiles through integrating multiple perspectives. People are at the center as their needs for personal and social affects are considered.  Our goal is to identify similarities and overlaps, differences and antagonizations of interests.

We look to organize, through abstraction and categorization, these factors of emerging social identification with other life topics such as environment, health, mobility, education and communication.  Our design creates a coherency of a population, celebrating multiplicity and complexity, and providing this new generation of ‘B(l)oomers’ potentials to remain active, participant and content in socially sustainable ways.


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