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Project Moonwalk Exhibition

The exhibitonWandzeitungis a show of project Moonwalk in the public space in Vienna curated by the artists Steinbrener, Dempf & Huber

It revisits the two mission simulations of project Moonwalk in Rio Tinto and subsea Marseilles in 2016.

Glockengasse, 1020 Vienna, Austria
14. September – 31. Ocotber 2016
Simulations of space missions form the basis of the preparation for human space exploration. Similar to a movie set, scenarios using storyboards were developed and props (experiments) constructed. Then step by step the prescribed courses of action (procedures) were simulated.

In two mission simulations developed technologies as part of the European space project Moonwalk were tested. The Mars simulation mission took place in Rio Tinto, Spain. The other for the moon was carried out under water near Marseilles, France.

Moonwalk is a European space project and seven European partners developed a wide range of technologies and experiments. The project focuses on a successful astronaut – Rover cooperation to explore the surface of the moon or Mars.



all photos credit: Bruno Stubenrauch 2016