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Geographical Information System for Communication Payload Operation

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ESA – European Space Agency

LSG team

Valentin Eder


LIQUIFER Systems Group, Austria; Siemens, Austria; University of Salzburg, Austria; Eutelsat, France


SCM-GIS is a software project that integrates the benefits of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) into the business process of Satellite Operators and Satellite Network Operators. It provides a significant benefit for operators in their daily operation and monitoring activities by integrating existing data with their spatial orientation in near-real-time.

Data from different sources, like data from actual and historical carrier monitoring systems, trouble ticket systems, nominal satellite data (footprints, frequencies…, etc), neighbourhood satellites, actual weather, weather prognoses, earth stations, interference location systems or frequency booking systems, are available for a geographical information system (GIS) designed and optimized for satellite payload operation or satellite network operation.

The new software complements the functionality of different software used in the carrier monitoring operations to perform spatial analyses, to provide interactive maps for input and result visualizations; thus the operator gains from a new possibility to correlate actual events with geographical information.

The new software is integrated in the actual operation software landscape so that an easy switching from different applications to the new SW works seamlessly and the operators realize new functionality.

The software tool consists of 3 main parts:

  • The spatial database with connectivity to other databases
  • The GIS functional kernel to perform the spatial analyses, the visualization engine and the connection of the databases from other sources
  • The GUI works as client for the operator as well as for administration


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