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Information Center, Vienna International Airport





Vienna International Airport (competition – 1st prize)

LSG team

Waltraut Hoheneder, Barbara Imhof, René Waclavicek


UMA information technology, Vienna


VISITAIR Information Center is a permanent exhibition in the Vienna International Airport that permits the exchange of information through the means of four interactive media stations.

The Visitair Center conveys Vienna International Airport as a platform for information transfer between a broad spectrum of people and entities.

Each of the four media stations perform differently and were designed to permit a different set of activities and exchange.   They are integrated into a horizontal information membrane, stretching 68 meters along the façade of the Visitair Center which reads as a dynamic oscillating surface.

‘Hard Facts’ displays information on the departure and arrival of flights as well provide a timeline of past, present and future events that have and will define the history of the Vienna International Airport.  Information on local organizations and services can also be accessed here including information regarding schools, universities, sports, activities, family adventure, etc.

The ‘Soundstation’ deals with ‘noise,’ which visitors can learn about in its technical aspects as well as play with.  A ‘sound check’ feature allows the user to manipulate sound and learn how noise is experienced subjectively.

The ‘Dialogue Forum’ is a platform where members of the airport community, neighbors within the airport region, and authorities can discuss current and future airport developments.

‘Vico-table’ is a reference section where people can use computers to immerse themselves in numerous airport publications.

The interactive media stations are designed to be an integral part of the overall architecture which also supports a small shop, wardrobe and information counter.

The concept, design and implementation of this project was realized by LSG and the result of receiving first prize in the competition supported by Vienna International Airport.


image © Bruno Stubenrauch